Our Awards

We begin the livestream about 5 to 10 minutes from the time to go live where we  roll some preview videos, graphics of your event,

About 5 minutes before we start we set up a timer to the audience to let them know we are about to begin, and then and we go live! so we are ON AIR.

during your event we will include transitions between 2 cameras one is fixed 2nd one is moving or both can be fixed it all depends on the venue and your preference.

If the livestream needs to pause because you are on a break suchs as lunch or dinner that is over 1 hr. we put a placeholder saying “we will resume the livestream at ____ MST ”

If its a 5 minute break we simply put the timer again…

Wedding Livestream

  • Up to 1 hrs. of Livestreaming
  • Pre-Ceremony

We Deliver:

  • Private Link for your viewers to register
  • Ceremony UNCUT (24hrs )
  • Digital Guestbook and PDF file

*$350.00 when added to Full or Half Day Packages package

PRICE: $500.00

Full Day Livestream

  • Up to 8 Hrs. on site (5-6 livestream)
  • up to 3 Cameras
  • Dedicated Audio Feed
  • Dedicated RMTP Link (or your link)

IDEAL FOR: Conferences, Presentations, Corporate Events, tradeshows with interviews or Talks

PRICE: $2,500.00

Half Day Livestream

  • Up to 4 Hrs. on site (2-3hrs livestream)
  • up to 3 Cameras
  • Dedicated Audio Feed
  • Dedicated RMTP Link (or your link)

IDEAL FOR: Award Ceremonies, Gala Dinners, Fundraisers,open houses,opening ceremonies and more

PRICE: $1,500.00

Short Livestream

  • Up to 2 Hrs. on site (1-1.5hrs livestream)
  • up to 2 Cameras
  • Dedicated Audio Feed
  • Dedicated RMTP Link (or your link)

IDEAL FOR: Funerals and Sport Events like Hockey Matches, Swim competitions and more

PRICE: $750.00

Samples of Livestream Videos

Wedding Feb 12,2022

Sports Demo Feb 13,2022

Tradeshow Feb 20,2022


How do you livestream my event?

We use a state of the Art system that allows us to manage from 1 Camera to a multicamera feed in to one source and broadcast your event via a PRIVATE channel, using RTMP streaming  this means:

Your audience clicks on a Link provided by us and you share it with them so they can view it live

Can i livestream anything?

You can livestream anything you wish, however we will not stream any Adult content or violent material, at our discretion we may pause, stop and cancel our streaming service if we deem it necessary should any content of such nature is about or is streamed.


In case of a wedding you can livestream your music without being muted for copyright infringement as we livestream in a PRIVATE platform and we pay an Event Licensing Fee for such matter.

For conferences and Mass Media we are subject to a broadcasting license on your event to broadcast in mass any music, non proletary  under the “chrestomathies” or For learning purposes guidelines.

Can I place Paid Advertising on my livestream?

Yes You can!, its your livestream so if you are getting paid marketing or sponsors that’s great, we need their logos, imagery in HD 1920×1080 so we can use it and their logo needs to be in png. or “transparent” format.

Can You record the Livestream.

Yes absolutely! while we do the livestream we can record at the same time if you like and the final cut is available for download 24hrs later from our cloud server

What do you need to livestream?

We can Livestream in any place indoor or outdoor that has any of these 3 ways to connect to the internet:

  1. Ethernet: An ethernet port that links us to the internet, like a Church or Conference Center, this is the MOST reliable and efficient way
  2. Wi-Fi: Accessing a Wi-Fi spot is another way we do it, usually in a Home, Conference Center, Hotel, Office building.
  3. LTE/4 &5G: Lastly if we are in a remote area we use LTE+ (SIM) to connect like in a Farm, acreage, park or an area not in rage of strong internet.

We use TELUS for Canada and AT&T for the USA and Mexico

If you are hosting a large event with speakers we need their names, and the order in which they speak as well as any other relevant information of the event.

Is there a delay on the livestream?

There is a delay of 7 seconds in most livestreams, however when connected to the ETHERNET the delay or Latency is shorten to only 1-3 seconds that is if your bandwidth is at least 300mbps upload.